Mgr. art. Oskar Felber (29. 7. 1992) - Slovak visual artist based in Prague. In my current works I examine the properties and transitions of various art media and materials as well as the overlapping between paintings and tattoos. I transform these processes into the form of mutated images/objects. My inspiration comes mainly from pop culture, subcultures, occultism, B-horror movies, primitive tribal tattoos and "prison" aesthetics of tattoos. The process of creation interests me more that the final result. The resulting works embody my inner monologues and moods.


  • 2013 - 2019 Studio of Contemporary Image, Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia, Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Solo Exhibitions

  • Ancient Skinwalker
    2020 Berlinskej Model, Prague, CZE
  • True Love
    2019 VUNU Gallery, Košice, SVK
  • Ale Šak
    2015 KLUB Gallery, Košice, SVK
  • Oskar Felber...a tí druhí
    2015 Šariš Gallery, Prešov, SVK
  • The Spawning Pool
    2020 Umakart Gallery, Brno, CZE

Joined Exhibitions

  • NERV
    2019 Nerv Platforma, Humenné, SVK
  • Mladé kone ll.
    2018 Koniareň Gallery, Trebišov, SVK
  • FUTU NOW 2018
    2018 Campus Gallery, Košice, SVK
  • VV VUNU #2
    2018 VUNU Gallery, Košice, SVK
  • Transienty
    2018 EQO Gallery, Spišský Hrhov, SVK
  • Holographic Entrypoint
    2018 DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava, SVK
  • Mladé kone 4
    2016 Koniareň Gallery, Trebišov, SVK
  • Číslo 11 žije
    2015 KLUB, Košice, SVK
  • Young & Wild
    2020 Schemnitz Gallery, Banská Štiavnica, SVK
  • Face of Work
    9.12.2020-31.1.2021 Kasárne Kulturpark